Name   Description
Master Specifications 2015 INDEX  
01010 Summary of Work A - NOT Connected  
01011 Summary of Work B - Connected  
11610 SafeAire II Fume Hoods  
11612 Concept Fume Hoods  
11613 Concept, Floor-mounted Fume Hoods  
11614 Pioneer Fume Hoods  
11621 Canopy Fume Hoods  
12345 Casework, Wood  
12345.2 Casework, Flush Overlay Steel - Accent_Acclaim  
12345.4 Casework, Inset Steel  
12345.9 Casework, Stainless Steel  
12346.3 MAXLab Adaptable Laboratory Furniture System  
12346.4 MAXLab Bench Top Upright System  
12346.5 MAXLab Mobile Cart Workstation  
12346.6 MAXLab Wall Rail System  
12346.7 MAXWall Adaptable Lab Wall System  
12346.8 MAX Mobile Equipment Rack  
12346.9 Overhad Service Carrier, MAXMobile  
12346.11 Verical Service Carrier, MAXMobile  
12346.12 Nautilus Radiused Overhad Service Carrier  
12346.13 Power Bench Mobile Workstation, MAXLab  
12346.17 Vacuum Pump Storage  
12346.18 MAXMobile Heavy Duty Equipment Racks  
12346.19 Distinction Adaptable Bench Lab System  
12346.20 Distinction Mobile Adaptable Bench Lab System  
Appendix A.1 Epoxy Work Surface  
Appendix A.2 Chemsurf Work Surface  
Appendix A.4 Solid Lumber Core Work Surface  
Appendix A.5 Stainless Steel Work Surface  
Appendix A.7 Galvanized Iron Work Surface  
Appendix D Accessory Equipment  
Appendix E Fume Hood Accessory - Automatic Sash Operator  
Appendix F.3 P-Liner  
Appendix G.1 Source Quality Control Fume Hood Testing  
Appendix G.2 Field Quality Control Fume Hood Testing  
Appendix H Solvent Storage